Dusty on the floor and Fnuggi on the groomingtable. Dusty, Fnuggi and our Misty had some showtraining in the garden.
We had a nice weekend the 12.-13nd of april. We had a great oportunity to meet some of our puppies. Puppies and puppies! The guys have grown big and handsome!
Saturday Dusty from our H-litter and Fnuggi from the I-litter came to see us in Herringløse. It was a day for grooming, showtraining and having a good time.
Dusty is a big and nice dog, who has had great succes in the obedience-ring together with owner Sessa.
Fnuggi is a real handsome male, who needed some showpractice with his owners Lis and Ann. Not much need for grooming. Fnuggi was perfectly groomed from start. Very impressive! But he was trimmed a bit, in order to make his expression stronger.
We had some show-practice with Erwin as judge. Later on we finished with a nice cup of coffee.
Fnuggi and Misty (Dusty behind). Lis and Ann get some good advices from Birte, with Erwin listening. Dusty, I am!
Dusty with the prizes he has won in obedience.

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