Thursday the 27th of February our I-litter was born.
Seven wonderful puppies – three boys and four girls. A litter with more blue eyes than brown.
The I-litter with their owners was also the founding of many great traditions that we still grow.
To day unfortunately only Victor is left.
Or 'Sir Victor of Ærø' as Bodil and (mostly) Einar called him, when they first met him as a puppy. Later on the family moved to Tåsinge and of course Victor joined them.
Victor is such a happy boy. He must have a lot to say, since he is very clever at barking! – Just like the rest of the litter was.
Ever since he was a small puppy he has not liked being left alone. That's why Bodil and Einar's home has been perfect for him. Wherever the family goes, Victor goes with them. And he is always the first to run into the open car-door, as soon as he feels a tour coming up.
12 years is something to be proud of for such a big dog.
"Well, he may be a little stiff on his legs. The coat may be curly. But that comes with age. And he is still an extremely happy dog" say Bodil and Einar on his 12-years birthday.
From us: Happy, happy birthday, wonderful Victor.
At the same time our thoughts go to the rest of the I-litter.
Karina and Michael, who lost their Iris more than a year ago.
Mette and Peter, who lost their Molly a year ago. Today they have Louis – brother to our Alonso.
Christina and Kim had to say farewell to their Nanna and changed breed to Basset Griffon, since they couldn't stand to be without a dog.
Lis and Lars Bo lost big Fnuggi, but luckily they have Toddy and Nuller form our breed.
Beate lost Tumle five years ago from cancer. But today she has Panda from our breed.
Jeanette and Michael much too soon lost Samson who died from liver-shunt.
Wonderful people, wonderful dogs. The I-litter has a special place in our hearts.
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