Once again we (Herdis and Birte) went to the National Speciality Shows in Rochester USA. It took place from the 20th to the 24th of September.
We took the plane to New York and spent two days seeing the city again. We had time to see a Gospel service in Harlem, relaxed in Central Park and visited the great Museum of Modern Art.
So we took a bus to Niagara Falls and finally the train to Rochester.
New York is the city of contrasts from the noisy streets and tall buildings to the peaceful Central Park.
Niagara Fall is amazing – it should be seen!
The courtyard in the Museum Of Modern Art.
Since the show ground was situated far from our hotel we were lucky that Johnny, Bendte and Dortemarie had rented a car and offered to drive us to and from the show. They also took us to an outlet center where we could shop at reasonable prices.
The show runs for six days and includes obedience, agility, herding, seminars, junior handling, rescue parade, dinner and several dog shows.
For us the show started with the Top Twenty. The 20 most winning Old English Sheepdogs are invited to come and get a judgment from three invited judges – each of them giving the dogs points. The winner is announced during the final dinner.
This year 11 OES entered. Judges were Diana Caswell from USA, Barbara Müller from Switzerland and Birgitte Schjøth from Denmark.
It all took place in the evening. Everything was beautifully decorated and people dressed to party.
During the show everybody was offered wine and snacks.
The dogs were in top condition and perfectly handled – a real party night.
Winner was CH Bugaboo’s Big Shot.
The next two days Christina Baily judged the show.
250 OES’ entered, some in different classes. In the end all the class winners competed in getting the best male and best bitch.
The last class was Best of Breed. No less than 47 handsome champion males and bitches were in the ring. Really impressive!
As the best dog in the show Christina choose the impressive male CH Barkshire’s Jim Dandy.
Best veteran bitch was the nearly 12 years old Tumbleweed’s Scandalous Affair – Monika – that charmed her way through the show ring and fascinated both judge and audience.
Close to the ring was a memorial corner, where people could write names and light candles for their late OES’. Diane Anderson wrote the names of her own dogs – and our Paddy. Thanks Diane!
Best of Breed.
Winner of Best of Breed CH Barkshire’s Jim Dandy. Foto: Johnny
Winner of veteran bitches, charming Monika. Foto: Johnny
The grooming tables stood together in the end of the hall.
A really nicely typed OES bitch.
The American standard says nothing about spots, so it is not unusual to see a dog like this – buy the way – really nice OES.
At the show area there were lots of booths with old and new thing relating to OES’.
“Rescue” arranges new homes for dogs that are given up by their owners. Unfortunately that is necessary in USA. During the show there was a parade where people showed the beloved OES’ that they had got from “Rescue”.
The two Rescue-organisations had stands on the show, at one of them was this beautiful blanket made by people who have or have had a rescue-OES.
On the show we met Eliza and Falco. They are one and a half year old and after CH Likeabear Attention Please, just like our late Paddy was.
The litter is bred by Cathy Schellenberg from kennel Tumbleweed, and Cathy has kept Falco, while Pat Keller owns Eliza.
The litter was made by insemination with frozen semen from late CH Likeabear Attention Please.
After the days with dog shows, I headed for Pam in Vermont
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