The OES-bus headed for Kulmbach, Germany, at fridaay the 26th of April - seven o'clock in the morning.
13 OES's from six months to 11 years and 23 people went for the Euro-OES-show weekend. Birte and her daughter lene went with Misty and Me-Too. Lots of things where offerede: Breeder-seminar, rockmusic, dinner including the danish cabaret from the bus and then of course the huge show with 140 entered OES's.
In the bus every second seat was taken out in order to make space for the dogs to rest. On the ferry alle of the ogs where in the restaurant, and of course everyone admired them.
All OES's where admired on the ferry.
Misty and Me-Too slept nicely together in the bus.
After a long journey we reached our hotel. Me-Too just had to try the bed, but otherwise they beahved very nicely and where able to stay alone in the hotelroom during the dinner.
For the show we brought the puppy-fence. This made it easy for Msty and Me-Too to lay down and rest when they where not in the showring.
Me-Too enterede puppyclass, and did very well.
First she was best bitch-puppy an later on she beated the best male-puppy and became best puppy on the Euroshow.
Misty only gined a 'very good', men we thought she was very sweet. Especially after Carina from Sweden had groomed her. Thanks,. Carina!
Puppy-fence was nice for resting between showing. Me-Too had to try the bed.
Me-Too was best puppy on Euroshow 2002. Misty looked lovely in the ring.
Our stay in Kulmbach ended with the famous 'bye'bye-breakfast' followed by a photo taken by our driver.
10 hours later we said goodbye to the companions from the bus.
A great hug for Lisa for a super trip. This was a perfect weekend!
Group-photo of the danish OES Euroshow team.

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