On the journey was: Smilla, Beckie, Daisy, Silas, Moonie, Dusty, Zorro, Ronja, Sally, Meggie, Magnus ' + a poodle from Anne!
Sessa invited to a fall-walk in North Sealand the other day.
10 OES took their owners for a walk in the forest in Hillerød.
The trip went through the impassable underwood, over and through ditches filled with mud. A couple of the dogs were pleased with a nice mud-bath. The completely looked like another bread - not OES! We also walked along more peaceful and dry, broad paths and the forest revealed its lovely redbrown colours of fall.
We stopped with a gorgeous coffee-cake-table. Søs and sessa came along with nice homebacked cakes.
Thanks to sessa for an exiting trip - even though the rest of our day was spent washing the dogs!
Silas was one of the first dogs to go for a swim in the mud. You could hardly recognise him again!
We walked on good, dry roads in the forest.

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