In the beginning of Maj, Tumle (from our I-litter) was hit by a car. Even though the car didn't drive very fast, and even though it looked as if Tumle was not hurt, it soon was clear that she had broken a ligament and broken a bone in her left hind leg.
She as operated in the Copenhagen Veterinary Hospital, and after that followed many weeks with changing the bandage. Each time Tumle was ordered in general anaesthesia. Beate didn't like that, and we couldn't understand the reason for doing this. So she contacted vet Birgitte Schjøth who took over the bandage-changing. This was done quickly and without the need of general anaesthesia - of course.
In a short while Tumle let go her bandage.
But in order to strengthen the muscles in the weak leg, Tumle started retraining on the resort "Solvang" in Northsealand.
Tumle got massage and did swimming several times every day during two weeks.
The pictures show Tumle in the pool.
Now Tumle is walking around very well on her leg.
Tumle is inssured, and even though the bill blew the limit of the inssurance, it is a good help for Beate to pay for the treetment.
So we always recommend the people who buy puppies from us to get an inssurance for their dog as soon as possible.
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