Tobias from our H-litter took Lone, Poul Erik and Line Dyrvig from Fredericia with in the car to see us the other day. It was at the end of january and the weather was cold and stormy. But that didn't bother the dogs at all. We had taken our Magnus, Meggie and Moonie to Ishøj Strand, and it became a nice walk on the beach. Afterwards there was coffe and cakes at our place, and at the end of the day Tobias was placed on the grooming-table to get his neck-coat trimmed.
It was a very nice day even though Tobias didn't understand that Meggie (his mother) has grown too old to play with him and Moonie didn't either - she thinks she's with puppies.

(Above) Tobias and the other OES's enjoyed the trip at Ishøj Strand, even though we humans felt it was too cold and stormy a january-day.

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