The Dyrvig family from Fredericia were to spent summerholiday on Crete, and we had the pleasure to look after Tobias meanwhile (he is from our H-litter).
Actually we were a bit worried, because Magnus - our own male-OES - is not just pleased with new males in his pack.
But the first evening we took both males and went for a walk.
Magnus quietly but strictly told Tobias who was the packleader, and from that day on everything went perfect.
All dogs were together the two weeks the Dyrvig-vacation lasted and even though Tobias did som 'talking' if Tobias was too expressive.
Tobias is a nice and beautifull dog who quickly adapted to his new pack, and he was not soon to learn to sleep in the couch, when we did not notice.
After the two weeks Tobias was picked up again by the Dyrvig's.
It feels a bit empty in our house right now, but we have to admit that five dogs are one two many for our everyday life. Five dogs are funny for a holiday-period, but not in the long run.
We think!

Tobias is a happy dog,
as you can see!

Misty (right) was very pleased with Tobias, who liked to play with him most of the day.
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