August seemed to be the month of OES-activities: Nyborg Festival, Special Show, Walking in Fredericia and now: Dog's day in Tivoli Garden.
The last weekend of August was Doggy-day in Tivoli. Which means that dogs are allowed - which is normally not the case.
Six OES's and families met in front of the concerthall. Then we went for a walk in the garden.
We brought our Misty and Moonie. According to tradition the Dyrvig family came all the way from Jutland to go for a walk!
Also Herdis Thuesen (danish OES Club member of honour) came to Tivoli. And she helped walking our dogs, so we were able to do some photographing.
Our dogs were admired and photographed in the garden, and as we all got tired, we found a nice cafe to drink a beer and have som water. The dogs rested under the tables.
Herdis with Moonie, Birte with Misty and Poul-Erik with Tobias.
Moonie in front, behind her Tobias at the Aladdin café. The Mastif-puppy said hello to Tobias.
Molly (on the bench) was not happy with the noice in Tivoli. Walking around the Tivoli garden.
While sitting there OES-puppy Molly and family joined us. But as Molly heard the loud noice from the merry-go-round, she felt it was much too much. So Jan and Sandra choosed to make the visit in Tivoli very short. Tivoli garden may be to much for a small puppy.
Afterwards we went to find a place to eat. As usual it is not easy. Due to tradition it is too bad and too expensive.
While Sasha, Enya and Sisse went out to join the Danish Kennel Club dogs parade, the rest of us went to find a restuarant. Not easy: Most places dogs were not allowed - even though it was Doggy day in Tivoli. But at last we found a nice place.
Maybe next year, we bring our own picknick and find a place to sit where both dogs and our own food is allowed.

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