Johnny and Becky on stage together with a lot of others breeds.
The 31th of August it was doggy-day in Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen. This is the only day of the year, where dogs are alowd in the garden.
10 old english sheepdogs came, amongst them Molly, Iris and Fnuggi from our I-litter. And of course, as always, Tobias (H-litter) and family from Jutland.
Of our dogs, Misty was the lucky one to come along.
First we did a walk all OES's together round the garden. We stopped to have a bear and a cup of coffee.
Suddenly rain started puring down, and we had to find shelter under some huge umbrellas. But it couldn't prevent the dogs from getting wery wet.
It nearly hasn't rained all summer - and so it did this very day! What a pity.
Later on there was a breed-parade with all the breeds that had shown up this day. It was arranged by the Danish Kennel Club. Finisihing with all the breeds being presented on stage in front of the big audience. Johnny and OES becky did this excelent.
After that the puppies were tired and took home with their families. We were four OES's left, and the dogs were admired, while they were resting in front of a restaurant at the main entrance to Tivoli, while their humans had a drink and a cup of coffee. We agreed it had been a wonderfull day, with good publicity for our breed. And of course the dogs as well had a good time.
Molly, Fnuggi, Tobias and Iris after the rain. Tobias and Misty on the Hereford Beefstow terrasse. Poul Erik Dyrvig brougt new raincoats. Nice, ay...?
Johnny and the Dyrvig familiy took the pictures. Thanks!
All of us joined on the stairways to Aladdin for photografing and generally admiring.

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