Monday Tiffany started puppy-class in the Old English Sheepdog club.
Malene is the trainer of a fine little group of puppies who match very well together age-wise and size-wise.
A special joy was seeing three OES' in the class. Susanne came with Alma (whose father is Luffe from our N-litter), Søs came with Bilbo from our Q-litter, and we were there with Tiffany.
Furthermore it was a reunion with one of the families that we knew many years ago. Birgit once had an OES-puppy, whose father was our Paddy. Now she has changed breed to schapendoes.
The training began quietly with meeting-exercises. Then we should get the attention of the puppy – this later on shall lead to training in go-in-lead and free-without-lead. Then it was time for calling in the puppy. And so the puppies were very tired!
In between there were breaks, where the puppies played together (in lead) and breaks, where the puppies should relax.
The puppy-class goes on the coming months.
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Tiffany meeting a puppy in the class.
Here comes Bilbo. He's one month older than Tiffany.
Alma, Bilbo and Birgit with her shapendoes.
Tiffany together with Birte.
Sit, and get a goodie!
Tiffany really wants to say hello to the shapendoes.
Puppy class in Sorgenfri.
Tiffany says hello to Bilbo.
Alma and Tiffany have the same age.
Waiting time.
Three OES' in the class: Alma, Diego and Tiffany.
Søs with Bilbo.