This year's Blue Berry weekend took place August 29 – 30 on Thurø, a small island next to Svendborg on Fyn.
The week had been with very summery weather, but on the weekend it changed, and we arrived to the campsite in heavy rain! But luckily the rain stopped in the afternoon. Lars Bo was already there with Toddi and Nuller, and Lis arrived later. Bodil and Einar came with Nanna and Anette and Ethan came with Nikki.
We stayed in small cottages and on the site we raised a huge party-tent, which was the common room during the weekend.
Finally Rie and Søren arrived with their mobile home. It was parked close to our cottages.
Thurø Camping is very close to a wonderful beach where the dogs enjoyed to bath.
Saturday noon we went to Svendborg to walk our dogs. At 10 o'clock a.m. we met with other friends who have OES: Anne with Jake, Jette With Ziva and Nikoline, Julie, Claus and Coco.
Bodil and Nanna and Birthe and Tiffany were dropped of the car in the middle of town so that the trip shouldn't be too long. Then the rest of us parked just outside the city-center.
It was a fine trip through the walking streets in town and many, many people stopped us to talk, touch our dogs and take pictures.
We also paid a visit to the potter, Ulla Sonne, who had a 10-month-old Iceland Sheepdog.
The trip ended with a drink for the dogs and us in the Culture Café.
Back to the cars, and the rain began again!
We drove to the Café Retro on Thurø were we had reserved table for lunch. The owner had a big tent were we all could sit in – including our 12 OES' – but most of the dogs rested in the cars.
After lunch we went to the neighbour - the new Thurø brewery.
When we arrived to the campsite the rain luckily stopped, so we went for a walk on the beach.
Since the N-litter was 5 years old the same day we celebrated the only N-dog there: Nessa.
Then some of us rested in the cottages, others had their dogs on the grooming table, more pictures were taken and some show-training was done before we prepared the evening barbeque.
As many times before we had a very fine evening with wine and candlelight – and of course the dogs – in the tent.
Sunday we took the dogs for an early walk just before the rain came again. So we had to tear down the tent in purring rain!
This Blue Berry weekend was number 10 of it's kind –and certainly the one with most rain. But we were lucky; Saturday it was dry, when we needed it!
Thank you all who came with your wonderful dogs. We enjoyed your company.

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Toddi, Nuller, Nessa, Alonso, Tiffany, Coco, Ziva, Snowy, Nanna, Nikki, Maise and Jake in Svendborg.
Time for the dogs to say hello to each other.
The many OES' attracted lots of people.
Walking the dogs...
Two down-cut versions: Nikki and Jake - litterbrothers.
Nikoline gets a wet kiss from Tiffany.
People passing by want to know which breed this is.
Outside the pottery of Ulla Sonne (in brown coat).
Tiffany gets a rest.
Our dogs meeting Ulla Sonne's dog.
Ziva and Jette get a rest.
We stopped outsite the culture café to have a drink.
Nuller and Toddi.
Rasmus, Einar, Bodil, Julie and BIrte.
Rie and Søren with Nessa from our N-litter.
Lunch in the tent of Café Retro on Thurø.
Visiting the neighbour - the new Thurø Brewery.
Ziva. Her father is Neo from our O-litter.
The big tent was a great place to get together.
Next to the camp site is a wonderful beach.
Alonso, Snowy, Maise and Tiffany.
Tiffany really loves the sea.
Toddi in the middle with her puppies: Snowy, Nuller, Nikki and Jake.
Ziva and Nanna both have Neo as father - with two different mothers!
Great time in the tent with the dogs around us.
MOst dogs felt fine on the grass.
Except for Snowy, who really wanted a place at the table.