It was the 6th Blue Berry weekend and for the 4th time the scene was set to Carlsberg Camping on TÃ¥singe.
15 OES' and 26 people got together, and we stayed in large cottages, a camper and a small cottage plus the huge part-tent.
We met Friday and began to get the party-tent ready. Unfortunately there was heavy wind, so the first time was not a success. The wind pulled the tent op in the air, and it landed on top of the camper next door, and broke the man's antenna. But the second try was perfect and the tent made it all weekend long. Friday evening we all got together in the tent to eat Lis and Lars Bo's home baked pizzas.
Saturday we went to Skarø and we had treasure hunt
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12 of the dogs. Victor, Minos and Mishka had gone home, since they hadother plans, and Coco and family came later that day.
The party tent was tied safely to theground.
Einar doing some heavy hammer work.
Karina with Iris and Einar with Victor (both from the I-litter).
Alonso, Maise and Moonie in our cottage.
The first night we had pizzas made by Lis and family.
It was cold in the evenigh but we hhad a great time.