For the fifth time we had our weekend-arrangement. It took place the 8th of August on Carlsberg Camping, Tåsinge..

As early as last year we decided to rent the luxury-cottages due to the 'jubilee'!
11 families wanted to join the weekend-arrangement, so besides the six luxury-cottages three old cottages had to be taken in use. Søren and Rie came with their camper, and Coco with family came to visit us Saturday, since they live on langeland, only 20 minutes drive from the campsite.
Bodil and Ejner had made a huge OES-figure, which welcomed us all to our part of the campsite..

For us as breeders it was a wonderful review with the five small M-litter puppies Minos, Sofus, Basti, Futte and Coco. "The seniors" were represented by Luna and Toddi (L-litter), Lucas (K-litter) and Iris, Fnuggi and Victor (I-litter). Furthermore came Silas and Soffie. So including our own five there were 18 OES'.

We came Friday and started to rise the huge party-tent that Bodil and Ejner had bought. It was the stamping ground during the weekend. Nice with a steady roof over our heads.

While some worked with the tent pegs, Lis, Lars-Bo, Ann and Helene worked hard to make pizzas for all of us. What an effort and it tasted great!
Saturday started with a walk in Svendborg
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25 adults, 10 children and 18 Old English Sheepdogs enjoyed the weekend on Carlsberg Camping.
Friday afternoon we met on the campsite. Dogs and people welcomed eachother.
We also brought our oldest dogs. Moonie (left) and Magnus enjoyed the weekend vacation.
Tina and Rie having a chat.
Bodil and Victor.
Lis and Tina.
Littermates Sofus and Minos met again.
Lars-Bo and Lis baked pizzas for us all.