The Falch Family has moved from Ærø to Tåsinge, and we were invited to visit them in their new house.
Since the OES-club had a show in Årslev south of Odense the 22nd of April this was also part of the program.
We drove to Tåsinge on friday and spent the evening around the brushingtable. Both our Maise and Bodil and Einars Lunte (his parents are our Misty and Magnus) entered the show the next day.
Einar with Lunte (J-litter) and Victor (I-litter), Bodil, Rasmus with our Misty, Birte with our Maise in front our Moonie.
The show was in the open, and luckily it didn't rain. Bu at heavy, cool wind made it narly impossibe to manage the dogs coats. But we had a drink to keep warm and a glas of champagne, since Dortemarie's Isak had just become danish champion. And there was a nice atmosphere round the showring. So the day was not bad!
Furthermore our dogs made it very well. Lunte had his first certificate, and Maise was 1st and very promissing.
Cold around ringsite.
Bodil showing Lunte.
Birte in the ring with Maise.
After the judgings we did a photo of the OES'. Unfortunately Birgitte and her puppy had to leave earier.

Dortemarie's Isak was BOB, Dorthe's Funny had the bitch-cert, Lunte the dog-cert and Maise 1st with SL. Johnny and Bendtes babypuppy was very promissing.
Maises brother Keegan came to visit us.
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