Sunday the 21th of May the Swedish OES Club had invited the english judge June Wilkinson of Kennel Kalaju to judge their specialshow.

The showground was situated close to the sea in beautyfully surroundings at Klitterbyns Tourist- and Conference Center. The weather was perfect, not a cloud on the sunny sky and a pleasant temperature for the dogs.

38 OES's were entered, including three puppies.
Best puppy was Dizzny's Anchor and Hope and best of breed was Intch Drover's Roll Those Dice.

Emil (CH Old Fashion Man Of Magic) who recently was mated to our own bitch Meggie was second in the veterans class. He was beated by the three year younger Ch Fuer Karin a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal.

We think Emil is such a nice dog and it is quite something to see an OES at the age of ten do very well in the showring.

The swedes have a lot to learn from us danes concerning the arrangement of a specialshow!

Their tents are standing so close to the showground that it is impossible to pass beyond them - which means there is no social contact to other dogs and owners.
No flowers, no flags and no other decoration in the ring and there are no boards showing where the show is taking place.
Neither was any table of cups and prizes to catch the sight of.
There was not a stand with information of the breed or sale of OES-things.

All of which are things that make our shows something special.
Anyway the crowd of people watching the show was not enormous. Actually there were only us three danes and a single OES-owner from Schwitzerland, who had not entered any dogs but only went to Sweden to watch the dogs.

You learn a lot and see a lot more when you leave your dog at home. That's why it is surprising not to see other danes at the show, since it was held only one hours journey from Helsingore.

By the way: We saw a lovely, young OES-dog Ch. Footprint's Licidor, who is definately worth a closer look!

Best puppy was Dizzny's Anchor and Hope (above).
Ch. Footprint's Licidor (left above) pleased us a lot!
Emil (right) in good shape as usual.
Best of breed was Intch Drover's Roll Those Dice.

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