We weren’t able to go the annual Copenhagen-tour because rain was pouring down.
So it was scheduled to the 4th of July with the possibility to cancel the tour in case of rain.
What we couldn’t predict was that we ran into a regular heat wave with high temperatures.
So only three families and OES’ came. We met at the Gefion Fountain in Copenhagen.
We originally planned to walk along the harbor front, but because of the heat we wouldn’t go that long. That would have been tough for the dogs.
Instead we went for a shorter walk to the Little Mermaid.
We finished having ice cream, water and sausages in the shady park close to The English Shurch.
The three OES’ – Mishka, Fuzzy and Alonso – were admired and photographed by the many tourists.
There were especially many Russian tourists, and so Elena (Mishka’s mother) could tell them all about the bread in Russian, since she herself is from Russia! Great for us all and for the tourists!
We met at the Gefion Fountain in Copenhagen.
Mishka, Alonso and Fuzzy on Langelinie.
There was a cool breeze by the seaside.
The Little Mermaid was still on her spot.
Elena spoke to russian tourists, while the dogs drank cold water.
Mishka was admired and photographed
Fuzzy drank water directly from the drinking fountain.
We finished in the park by The English Church.
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