Since we already went on summer vacation in Mai, we have had the opportunity to look after many of "our puppies" and to get visits from others.

The brothers Simba and Luffe from the N-litter have been here for several occasions – alone and together.

Coco from the M-litter was here a couple of days, while her family went to a family party.

Nikki from the P-litter was here only one day, and our Snowy really enjoyed playing with her brother.

Teddy came to visit us one afternoon. Teddy has had problems with infection in the bones during some time and he had to be kept quiet. But now it is over, and it was really a pleasure to enjoy him and Snowy play together again for the first time in a very long time.

Antoher one of Snowy's brothers, Roover from Amsterdam, came to visit us with his owners Gerda and Hein. They had been on a five weeks long car-tour through the Baltic countries, the northern Russia, Finland and Norway. They made a stop at our home on their way back to Holland.
We saw many great photos from the trip – Roover and the travelling-group, which also included a 9-year-old OES male, we saw picture from the Polar Circle and from North cap.

Right now Luffes has moved back to our home again, while our Maise has moved to Luffe's family in Allerød.
The other OES-bitch in the family, Smilla, and our Maise went in season at the same time. So to prevent the males to get too stressed during high season, we decided to change dogs for a week!
As a breeder it is nice to be able to help our puppy-buyers during vacation, and it is nice to get to know the grown up pups better.
On the same time we must admit, that when our own pack is four-dogs-big, it makes a limit to how many others dogs we can have in the house during vacation, since we want the "foreign" dogs to become part of the family, as our own dogs are.
Snowy and Teddy relaxing after a fast run in our garden.
Luffe together with his mother Maise.
Luffe was boarded in our house in July.
Luffe meeting Coco.
Luffe and Coco out for a walk on the road next to our house.
Coco ffrom the M-litter.
Luffe and our four dogs relaxing.
Simba, Luffe and our dogs on an evening-walk.
Nikki (left) was a bit careful when he first joined our group.
Nikki running over the fields.
Nikki wants Snowy to come out and play., come on!
Snowy and Nikki - cherful reunion.
Teddy and Snowy playing.
Great to see Teddy fit for playing after his infection.
Søs sharing goodies between Snowy and Teddy.
Teddy investigating the garden.
Teddy and Snowy - not more to find in the garden!
Roover and his owners came to visit us on the way back to Holland.
Roover laying the same way as Luffe does!
Roover together with Luffe, who came back in August.
Alonso, Misty and Luffe.
Two girls in season: Smilla and Maise. Maise went to Arne and Susanne, while we had Luffe. To separate the males from the two bitches in high season.
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