There's a puppy in our house!
But this time is different.
Some puppies have come to our house totally unknown, bought from great breeders in Europe.
Other puppies are born, bred and have stayed in our house. Totally known to us.

Snowy is known – and then again not.
We were there, when she was born, but she is not grown up in our house. She has spent the first eight weeks in great surroundings at Lis and Lars Bo with the rest of the P-litter.
Even though she knows us, and we know her and have followed her closely from the first day, we haven't influenced her as much as the puppies that have been bred in our house. So she is a bit strange to us.

But wonderful she is indeed. With a great courage and temperament that perfectly fits in our dogs-house. We picked her Saturday, after we had driven most of the other P-pups to their new families.

Misty (grandmother to Snowy), Maise and Alonso said hello. It seemed as if the accepted her at once.
Maise especially. She told Alonso straight away that he shouldn't touch Snowy – it was her puppy!
Since then Maise and Snowy have been close.
But they have to learn to talk the same language, so to speak. Maise really wants to play with Sowy, but Snowy is careful. She should be as a small puppy standing next to a big, strange dog.
Our guess is, that they are in perfect tune, before the end of the week.

Belov are a bunch of pictures taken the first couple of days. Most of them show Snowy tigether with Maise.

Lis and Lars Bo with Nuller says goodbye to Snowy.
Snowy with Birte in the car on the way to our home.
Alonso and MIsty meeting Snowy.
Wonder what's behind that garden door?
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