Søs - our close and beloved friend, the owner and 'mother' of Smilla and Me-Too died last week. The funeral service took place 17th of October. Beautiful, pure and deeply touching.
We agreed with husband Poul, to have Smilla during the weekend to help him out.
Six dogs is a lot! In our house we have our own four, Meggie, Magnus, Moonie and Misty, and also Me-Too (Søs and Poul wanted so). Both we and the dogs needed a walk in the open space to feel the wind, sand and sea. So we went to the beach, where everybody had the opportunity to run free. Smilla is Moonie's sister, and the two of them played like puppies - being big girls of 6 years!
Magnus felt good being the boss of all these nice girls!
Smilla has been short-cut recently. The resemplance to mum Meggie and dad Magnus is striking.
Magnus in total control (he feels) - even though Misty and Moonie are having a fast run in the dunes.
Smilla and Moonie enjoyed eachother's company. It's been a long time since the two litter-sisters last met.
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