Nothing is eternal. And even though we feel, that the puppies we once passed over to other homes are natural parts of life, we once in a while are being reminded that we are wrong.
Twice in the last couple of weeks we have been contacted, because our “old puppies” are no longer here.

We first heard from Niels who told us that Ib had gone to the eternal dog-fields. He would have been 10 years in September. But sudden disease put an end to that.

Shortly after that Ove and Doris called to say that Smilla had a serious disease. She would have been 11 years in September.

The two dogs always had a special place in our hearts, and naturally they leave an empty space. Our hearts go with their owners. At the same time we are grateful for the fact that they gave “our puppies” a long and wonderful life.
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The last photo we got from Ib was from July 2008. Right is Smilla at her 10 years birthday last year.