Upper left is Bobo, Misty, Tumle and Moonie trying to sit nicely for a picture. Upper right is Bobo, running very fast. Above left is Tumle having a break, and to the right it is Moonie, Bobo and Misty running at the speed of light!
It was exactly one year since we last saw Bobo, as we met with him and his family in a forest near Hillerød the 10th of November.
Bobo is Misty's brother - Birte brought them both to Denmark in a plane from England. It was nice to see him looking more and more like a reel OES. And furthermore: He behaved happily and nicely - just as an OES should.
Misty and Bobo were happy to meet again. They ran around and played in the forest, just like they used to do earlier. A year is a long time, even for dogs, isn't it?
As you might see from the pictures, we didn't bring Magnus and Meggie on the walk. Magnus wants to tell young dogs how to behave. It wouldn't be suitable for Bobo and Mity who wanted to play around. Meggie stayed home, because we wanted to take a long walk in the woods, and she is not good at that. We went for more than an hour with Bobo and his family. We really had a good time in the bright sunshine, and promissed that it shouldn't take a year to meet next time.

By the way, we also brought Tumle (from our I-litter). Her family have gone for holiday, and we are taking care of her for a week. Read more about that in the time to come!

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