Another wonderful autumn holiday in Helle’s cottage at Ålbæk.
It was Sides's first holiday trip. She just behaved exemplarily in the back of the car with Snowy and Tiffany. On the ferry, Sidse quickly figured out that one should probably do like the adults, so after a while when the worst curiosity was controlled, she lay down neatly and rested.
After driving past Trangbæk Books in Rønde, where we bought wine, we reached the cottage only in the afternoon on Monday.
Lene and Kim were on their way home after spending a week up there, but they managed to invite us over for lunch. Great after the car ride!
The rest of the holiday went with walks in the plantations, which we always do and love very much. Sidse must not go that far because she is just a puppy. So it didn't turn into long trips. In turn, we chose 'pearls' among the places we know and love.
The dogs enjoyed being left in the heather, the fir plantations, the sand and a little by the water. Sidse has never tried bathing in the sea before, so we just took her to the Eastern Shore, where there were low tide and not high waves. The North Sea must wait!
We found many chanterelles up there, and at the end of the holiday, Karl Johan also showed up.
We bought seafood in Strandby. The local fishermen had nothing to offer.
One of the days, the tradition was believed to be time to meet with Birgit and Stig, who on this occasion offered tapas, which we enjoyed in a shelter in the Tversted-lakes.
A few trips to Skagen we also did. But a week goes by too fast. We look forward to next time.
Thank you to Helle for loaning this beautiful cottage.
Here are some pictures from the wonderful week.

Here is a video of Sidse's first time in the sea
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