Every year at autumn we long for North Jutland. We look forward to walks in the plantations and on the beaches, mushrooms in the forest, fresh fish from the harbor and relaxing in Jorgen's sister's cottage in Ålbæk.
So do our dogs.
When the carrier box is on the roof of the car, they know, something nice is on its way.
This time we had Tiffany with us for the first time. She made the car ride and the boat trip really fine. On the ferry many people came to see the four OES lying on the floor ready to be hugged.
When we get to the huge sand dunes and beaches and the exciting forests our dogs behave just like puppies again.
The ocean was rough this time with huge waves, so the dogs weren't allowed to take to many baths. It could be dangerous.
Instead we did a lot of wonderful trips in the plantations, were chanterelles and other fine mushrooms were found. We had them at diner with fresh fish from the harbor and refreshing white wine.
All in all we had two weeks of wonderful holiday – naturally including a walk at Lyngså beach together with Birgit from Sæby and her two OES Amy and Cassie.
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