Like we did so many times before, this autumn we spent our holiday in North Jutland.
Actually we could simply ask you to read last year's story, but anyway this year was a bit different, so here's the news!
On the way to the ferry, we visited Nikki (Snowy's brother), who lives on Odden, and later we visited Skipper in Jutland (Snowy's second brother), who lives near Randers with Katty and Peer. We haven't seen Skipper since our OES-weekend in Grenå. Like Nikki he had grown to become a big and handsome male.
We lost Misty only two weeks before we left. We miss her, and one of the first days up there went for a walk on Grenen - a trip that Misty really loved - we saw a beautiful rainbow and felt it was a greeting from her.
The weather was really perfect. During the 12 days we were up there, nine of them were sunny.
And even though the temperature was only 14 degrees Celsius it was warm enough to sit on the terrace.
We spent he day with trips along the beaches and in he plantations, where we found lots of mushrooms.
We bought fresh fish from the local fishermen in Skagen harbor or from the distributors in Strandby. So every evening we had fish with mushrooms for dinner.
We nearly always join an OES-walk, when we visit North Jutland.

So we did this time!

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Skipper happy and running!
We visited Katty, Peer snd family and said hello to Skipper.
Birte looking for mushrooms.
Maise, Snowy and Alonso.
In Tversted plantation.
Ready to go and look for new places.
Birte carrying lots of mushrooms.
Afterwards they had to be cleaned.
Alonso and Maise in Aalbæk plantation.
One, two, tree....
The dogs were excited to be at the seaside again.
Snowy, Maise and Alonso.
Refrehsing bath in the north sea.
They had great times running on the beach.