Neo was in his new home in Ystad and there was no more puppy life in our house. Maise felt at bit restless with no pups round her and we humans needed vacation!
So we borrowed Jørgen's sister Helle's summer cottage in Aalbæk North Jutland.
We had a wonderful time up there. The sun was shining from a blue sky all week.
We went for walks in the plantations and on the beach, we bought fresh fish from the fishermen in Skagen harbor, and the weather was so fine, that we could have our lunch on the terrace.
Misty is nearly 11 years of age. So she joined us on the morning trips and relaxed in the house in the afternoons.
Saturday we went to see Birgit and Thomas in Sæby together with Rie and Nessa from the N-litter.
Nessa should enter the coming Herning show, so she got a trim. Afterwards we went for a great trip on the beach and finished with a fine lunch.
Thanks for your great hospitality, Birgit and Thomas!
In the afternoon we took our dogs and went to Ruth's hotel in Old Skagen. We joined a wine-and-food event and moved into a small apartment with private terrace close to the hotel. On the terrace we could enjoy a cup of coffee in the late afternoon sun after a long walk with our dogs along the seaside.
In Ruth's hotel dogs are welcome in the "artist house". Water bowls and food for the dogs were in the apartment. Nice to know that your dogs are very welcome!
Misty, Maise and Alonso stayed in the room, while we enjoyed a wonderful dinner created by chef Michel Michaud in the restaurant.
One week passes quickly, but we enjoyed every second of it!
Thanks to Helle for letting us borrow her wonderful cottage.
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Alonso and Maise in a dune by the North Sea.
Shelter on the beach in Aalbæk.
Misty and Maise really love the sea.
Maise simply has to tease her old mother Misty!
Along the eastern beach in Skagen.
Birte and Misty.
Maise and Alonso in the dunes at the eastern beach in Skagen.
Looking for mushrooms in Aalbæk plantation.
The sun warmed us all.
The western beach south of Old Skagen.
From the beach you climb the dunes and have this great view!
Dunes are made for running in!
Maise and Alonso waiting for the rest of us.
Misty, Alonso and Maise.
Nessa gets a trim, while the others wait.
Walking on the beach south of Sæby.
We had athis great room in Ruth's Hotel.
We could sit on the terrace and have our afternoon coffee.
The room had two floors.
Afternoon walk in Old Skagen.
After dinner we took the dogs for a walk.
The beach north of Tversted.
The water level had been pretty high.
Tversted plantation is one of our favorite spots.
"Now, get that picture taken!"
Perhaps there are mushrooms here...?
Misty waits while Birte searches for mushrooms.
A good place for mushrooms. Dogs must sit and wait!
Birte cleaning the mushroom harvest of the day.
Weather was mild, so we could have lunch on the terrace every day Thanks to Helle for letting us borrow her wonderful cottage!
We had news from Neo and Louis while we were on vacation