At the end of october we had some days holiday in Kandestederne, North Jutland. We rented a superb holiday-cottage - only six minutes walk from the beach. Meggie stayed at Søs and Poul, while we brought Magnus, Moonie and Misty.
Magnus on the beach. Heavy wind made the water run close to the dunes. The summer-cottage was perfectly situated in the dunes.
The rain really pured down one day - but the dogs didn't care. And Birte put her rain-suit on.
Moonie and Misty enjoying the sun on one of our many walks.
The beach was totally empty. We came out of season, and had the trenmendous nature all to ourselves.
South of our house was Skiveren, where we often went for some nice walks. The house we rented was superb. Lots of space and lots of light from the windows.

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