There has been a puppy in our house during the last week.
Simba’s (N-litter) human-mother, Lone, unluckily fell on the slippery ice the other day, while she was out for a walk with Simba. She broke a lumbar vertebra and must keep her back quiet for some months.
We could relief Lone and Per the first days after Lone came home from the hospital – Simba came on vacation in our house.
Even though Simba knows the house and garden it took a while for him to fall back to his old family again. A six months old puppy for sure has got his own habits and wishes for the day life.
But he was welcomed by our pack and it was a pleasure having Simba here again.
We were also reminded of the hard work it is having a puppy! There is not much peacefulness over a 6 months old puppy. He wants experiences and action. We tend to forget that very quickly, since we have only three adult dogs in our house.
Lone and Per were looking forward to getting Simba back home. He was handled over to Per, when we all went to Ishøj Beach for a birthday-walk for Maise and the rest of the K-litter. Unfortunately Lone had to stay home, but Per came and joined us. Hope you’ll soon get better, Lone! And to the rest of you: Take care out there! It’s slippery out there right now!
Simba on the path behind our house in Herringløse.
Simba and Alonso.
Simba, Maise, Misty, Birte and Alonso.
Alonso, Maise and Simba.
Simba together with his old family.
Better stay close, when the coock is in action!
Simba on Hundige Beach.
Alonso and Simba.
Simba nosing around in the sand dunes.
Seek high!
Alonso, Simba and Maise.
Simba on the beach in nice spring sun.
Misty, Maise and Simba.
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