Silas is doing very well together with Tina Groth in the appartment in Copenhagen. We payed them a visit the other day, and he ran out to meet us on the stairways on 2nd floor. He was happy, naughty, eager to play and bit - but allso to have his stomack fondled. He has grown a bit since last time (more about Silas here). Actually he is really handsome and harmonius, and he has a super temperament. Noices from cars, bikes etc and strange people meeting him doen's affect him at all. And so he is nearly cleanly allready. Practic, living on 2nd floor!
Tina is very satisfied with Sila - and we understand her.
Birte played a while with Silas, and then he decided to rest. The shower cabin is a good place. Safe and cool.
In no time Silas has found his favorite places. One of them is the threshold. Laying here Silas has a good view over the appartement - and he can keep his head high as well.
Walkin in lead is allright - but one has to get ahead in the world too!
There are many strange noices in the streets. But you have to get to know them all, being a puppy living in the heart of Copenhagen. And Silas is doing very well.

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