Soon it will be time for the first show that the L-litter is aloud to enter. It takes place in Næstved Saturday the 21th of March.
That's the reason why we invited everybody to show-training.

Luna came with Tina and Toddi came with Lis. We brought Alonso, of course.
Thre was some talk about ribbons and show-leads, and we ran around and made the dogs stand nicely.

Everything was video-recorded, so we were able to learn from our faults and from our successes!
Meanwhile the three puppies played in our garden, and mother Msty and bigsister Maise tried to manage the group.

It will be fun to see, how Luna, Todi, Ludvig and Alonso will do in the Næstved-show.

Watch a video-cut of the show-training by clicking to the right.
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