Saturday 8th of November Sessa had invited us all to a walk in the woods in Northsealand.
13 dogs - of which eight were OES' - met in Præstevangen north of Copenhagen.
Our G-litter was represented by Smilla. It was nice to see how she and Poul got together very well, and really an effort of Poul to show up so early after his wife,Søs' death.
The H-litter was represented by Dusty, who by the way made obediene class 3 with the fine first price, and by Tobias, who came all the way from Fredericia together whith family Dyrvig - just to go for this walk.
The I-litter was represented by Fnuggi and Iris. Fnuggi had a little gambling with Tobias in order to gain the leadership. But since Tobias is both bigger and elder, Fnuggi had to find a place below him in the hierachy.
Iris too has made it great in obedience. The made a first price in Class1.
The last three Old English Sheepdogs were the imports Rosa, Misty and Me-Too.
Youngest dog was three months old Kian, a Cao de Agua Portuguies, Sessa brought in from Holland. A lovely puppy who enjoyed the walk together with the big dogs very much.
After this nice walk in the woods we all drove to the place, Sessa works. Here we could go inside, eat our food and have a good time. The rest of the day went with brushing, cleaning dogs-ears and so.
Thank you very much Sessa for a super day!
Above a couple of happy dogs in the woods. (Right) Dusty and belov Me-Too, feeling happy seeing Poul once again.
Smilla has been cut. Me-Too and Tobias.
Fnuggi. Iris had been to the mud and was very dirty.
Rosa. Kian taking a break

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