It started as a nice and easy walk I the forest and ended as a tough trekking up and down the hills in Rungsted Hegn.
Sunday Hanna and Christian with Murphy (N-litter) invited to a walk with the dogs in a forest close to their home. We drove with our dogs up to meet Lone and Per with Simba (N-litter), Susanne and Sofie with Smilla and Hanna, Christian and Simone with Murphy.
The dogs were very pleased to be together again and they enjoyed running around in the woods, finding new smells. We talked a lot and suddenly we found ourselves a bit off the well-known paths.
We wouldn't go back the same, muddy way so we tried to take a short cut. It went well, until the path ended in some very impassable terrain.
It was a bit of a challenge to get little Simone and her pushchair through the narrow thicket and later up the very steep hills in the forest.
The dogs were pleased and we all had high pulses as we finally made it to the top of the hill. Here we found a place to have coffee and enjoy Hanna's home backed cookery.
After a couple of hours in the woods we were back to our cars. It was a nice walk, but very demanding!
Thanks for the trip – next time we remember to bring our gps!
Birte, Hanna, Christian and Per struggling their way over the hill with little Simone in the puschair.
The beginning of the trip.
Maise and Snowy.
Two litter-brothers, Simba and Murphy.
Smilla in friont.
Per taking pictures while Birte and the dogs are waiting.
Alonso and Snowy.
Murphy keepong and eye on Simone. Simba to the right.
Smilla and Snowy.
Smilla and Snowy playing.
Maise, Snowy, Alonso and Smilla - and Simba from behind.
Hard to get the chair up the hills.
Sofie is up - and together with Snowy and Smilla.
Christian and the dogs found a place to climb.
Hanna serving coffee and backery.
Hanna, Simone, Christian, Jørgen, Birte, Susanne, Sofie and Per.
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