We have got sad news. Rufs from Sweden (N-litter) has been put to sleep nearly three years old.
Last Tuesday be started to get tired and didn't feel like eating.
Fia took him to work the following days, but Friday he stayed in the vet clinic.
Every day Fia and Christian hoped to get him home, but he was still ill, so they scanned him Monday. It came as a chock: He had liver cancer and kidney problems. So Fia and Christian decided to put Rufs to sleep.
Rufs got a very short life filled with joy and love, and we thank Fia and Christian from the bottom of our heart.
As they wrote us yesterday:
"Even if we knew from the very beginning, that his life should end after such a short while, we would have chosen Rufs anyway. For so much love and happiness he gave us during his three years is much more than many people experience in a whole lifetime".
We know how empty their home feels right now, and we know how hard it is to get over this terrible loss.
We feel strongly with them. Their loss is also our's.
Words seem so meaningless now, if we could only give them back their beloved Ruf.
We hope that they shall soon recover from this sorrow and wish them all the strength in the world.
Here are som pictures of Rufs' wonderful but too short life.
Thanks to Fia and Christina for borrowing the pictures.
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