The N-litter is five month old today. A great day to go to Sweden and visit two of the N-litter puppies, who live over there. We haven’t seen Rufs and Murphy since the day they went to their new families eight weeks old.
We had arranged, that Fia and Christian from Helsingborg took Rufs in the car and drove to Malmø, where Hanna and Christian live with Murphy.
During the night there was a snowstorm, so we nearly couldn’t pass our road because of the snow. But the neighbor helped us. Luckily, for we had indeed looked forward to see the two families and pups again.

We started with a walk on the beach. It was really cold and windy. But Rufs and Murphy didn’t care.
They were happy to meet again, and they started to play as if they had never been apart.
We brought mother Maise. She told her boys to behave well, but was really happy to see them after all these months.
It was a cold but wonderful walk along the seaside. The puppies met other dogs, for instance a small terrier that they played with, and which barked at them if they got too naughty.

After the walk, Hanna and Christian invited us all to coffee and bread in their apartment. Great!
Birte took the two pups on the grooming table to check bite, ears and so on.
The adult teeth are replacing the puppy teeth at the moment. But both Rufs and Murphy had doublets of several teeth. This calls for caution. The puppy teeth might prevent the permanent teeth to grow up properly. So it the puppy teeth have not fallen out in a couple of weeks, it’s time for the vet to pull them out.
This goes for all the N-litter pups at the moment!
It was a great day. Great to see the two Sw
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Reunion at the front door.
Has it really been five month since we last met?
Murphy on top.
Murphy and Rufs.
Murphy on his beach.
Walking on the beach in Malmø.
Rufs, Maise and Murphy.
Well, aren't you coming....!
So they met a small swedish dog.
It was great to run along with, Murphy thought.
Well mum, what now?
This is my mum!
Two times Christian and the two naughty kids.
Now it's time for running...!
Run, mothher is coming!
Rufs on the hill.
Lovely reunion - Murphy and Rufs.
Finalky it was time to get upon the grooming table.
Catch me?
Peace of cake!