Every year just before Christmas we meet with old and new puppy-buyers to go a walk in Roskilde. But this time the flue put a stop to that tradition. Instead we decided to postpone the arrangement until the first Saturday of the new year.
So our Christmas-walk turned into a New Year's walk, taking place the 4th of January.
Eight handsome OES' concurred the walking street on this beautiful sunny Saturday.
The dogs were pleased with the many people wanting to hug and say hello. And we had to answer many questions – what breed is it? How is the behavior of an OES? Does it take a lot of grooming etc.
Fine exercise for the dogs and brilliant publicity for our breed.
On the main square we gathered in line for the picture to be taken. Lots of people passing by also stopped to take a picture!
After the walk we went to our place in Herringlose. While the dogs slept or played, we enjoyed a "Christmas Lunch". We finished the day playing the package game – all packages were goodies or other things for dogs.
Thank you all for coming. We really enjoyed the day with you and your wonderful dogs.
Here is a handfull of photos from the day - with no further comments!
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