In the December issue of the Danish OES Club Magazine there was an advertisement for a herding course in the south of France. As many others might have, we thought: does it have any interest for the Danish club members?
But one of the puppies from our P-litter – Blue Berry's Prince Snowboots – called Roover, lives in Amsterdam with Gerda and Hein, and they have a holiday cottage in the south of France.
Gerda has become member of the Danish OES club, and when she read about the course in the magazine she contacted the instructor, who thought it might be a great idea to let Roover try herding.
The course lasted one week, and Gerda and Roover stayed at the location that is close to Montpellier.
After the first day there, they sent us a mail with pictures, as you can see belove.
Working with a small, three-month-old puppy requires you to be very careful not to run the puppy too hard. But we know that both Gerda and the instructor are very much aware of that.
They did a couple of ten-minutes-short trainings every day. And Roover tried to get a feeling of what it was like herding real sheep.
Even though Roover is not a full grown sheep dog now, the instructor was very pleased about Roovers instincts, so who knows maybe one day…
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