It was pretty croudy in our utility room Sunday, when Luna, Toddi, Fie, Mishka, Fuzzy and Elvira came to talk about dog-showing and get some practice together with their families.
Luna and Toddi from our L-litter have tried showing several times, so Lis and Tina were able to help the four starters. Fuzzy and Elvira from Norway have entered the baby class at the Køge show before Christmas.
Fie and Mishka have not entered, but would like to hear about dog shows. Besides it is always pleasant for the dogs to meet. And a little show training doesn't hurt.
While the dogs got to know each other, Birte told what goes on at a dog show.
Then the dogs came up on the groomingtables. They had a check on basic grooming, and had their ears investigated for coat, had their nails clipped, the coat under the paws etc. There was also time to do a show brushing according the OES standard.
So it was time to get out and try to run with the dog and place it correctly, like on a real show.
Unfortunately rain started purring down, so we went inside again, had a cup of coffee and a final talk.
You don't become a pro dog shower in two hours, so we entend to repeat the show traing the next couple of Saturdays.
Jørgen was lying in bed with a bad stomach. So we are really happy, that Elena could help with fine pictures to the site. Thank you very much!
Toddi, Luna, Fie, Elvira, Fuzzy and Mishka in a fine row.
Upper left is Fuzzy on the table. Right: Elvira giving Lars a kiss! Below Tina is brushing Luna.
Our utility room was filled with sheepdogs on Saturday.
Birte guiding everbody arpund in the ring (which is actually part of our road, Østerbo).
Making a puppy stand still and look good is not easy. But take a look at Mishka to the right!
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