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The puppies eat really nicely their soaked dogfood and of course they still get milk from Nanna.
They sleep through from 10 pm to araound 6 o'clock the next morning, and yes, they have peed on their blankets, but they wait to do their duty, till they come out on the terrace. Pretty nice!

On Sunday, the litter had a visit from the family Mathiasen from Allerød, who shall have Wilbur, one of the males, and Marianne Thøger from Odense, who shall have Leda, one of the females.
Also Lis and Ann (who have great grandmother to the litter) came to visit and to cuddle puppies.

For the first time Wilbur got a leash and collar, and the family was allowed to go for a walk with him - see the video.

Nanna loves her puppies and spends a lot of time cuddling them and playing with them. She also educates them with the murmur and markings with the teeth. Here the puppies get the best education someone can give them.

The puppies have also been outside the terrace on the lawn, and it was something they liked a lot. They ran back and forth and enjoyed the new surroundings.

The old puppy box is peeled down. Instead, the puppy fence has been equipped with a tunnel and a playhouse that they can hide in.
Bodil and Einar had prepared the puppy's introduction to the tunnel, so Bodil would call them at one end of the tunnel and lure them through. But before Bodil came in place, they were all over. Nothing to be afraid of!

They have also got a large water pillow so they can get the balance trained.
They fight and bite each other (and in us), but everyone is involved in the game so that they train them for their future life.

We think they are developing very nicely. Have black noses and are fully pigmented around eyes and lips.
They have been registered in DKK and are gradually getting nicknames.

Se the new (and the older) videos of the R-litter on the Kennel Blue Berry YouTube site