The puppies are eight weeks old, and when this is read, most of them have new homes.
Bodil and Einar have noticed the change that has slowly occurred with the six puppies. They have now reached a time when farewell to the herd and new homes are being established. There simply needs to be new energy to satisfy the tiny creature’s huge appetites of life.
Friday we drove once again across the Storebælt to Tåsinge.
We had agreed that the four puppies who are going to Sjælland, we would bring in the car on Saturday.
It's our puppy, Sidse, it's Miley going to Næstved, Wilbur going to Allerød and Sissi going to Farum.
We brought our two adult dogs to Tåsinge. Snowy found the puppies too wild, so her mood wasn't the best. In return, Tiffany showed really fine tackling the little ones. They had respect for her humming.
But mostly the flock was allowed to play together, fight, bite, run, noise and enjoy life. One last time with each other and with their mother Nanna.

The car was well packed on Saturday with cages, teddy bears, bags and above all the two adult dogs and four puppies.
The drive home to us in Herringløse went extremely well. A little crying, but otherwise nothing. They just slept in their box and enjoyed the ride.
Well at home, they were given opportunities to run around our garden. They fell as if they had always been there.
Kit and Sofie from Næstved came later that day to bring their puppy, Miley, home. They recently lost Sofus, who was also our breed. So their joy was great given the opportunity to get new life in the house.
The message from them is that the night was a bit uneasy, but with the caress and hug, it went well.

On Sunday we took our Sidse and Snowy and Tiffany in the car with Wilbur and Sissi.Wilbur was first delivered in Allerød to Susanne, Sofie and Uffe. The family reunites when Arne and son Mikkel come home by car with the rest of the dogs after a holiday in Spain.
Until then there are a few days when Wilbur can settle in before he has to meet the others.
Here too, the message is that things are going well and that Wilbur is a very curious dog. He also recalls in many ways one of the dogs in the house, the OES Luffe, the father of the litter.
We ended up driving to Farum, where Lone and Per let Sissi into their home and hearts. Lone and Per have recently lost Simba, who was from our N-litter and litter brother to Luffe, who is the father of the litter.
Sidse was offered bite legs and had the opportunity to lie close to her sister Sissi before we headed home with our two old dogs and the new little one.

Monday Bodil and Einar drove Leda to Odense, where she should live with Marianne, who once had a dog, Minos, from us. She has been waiting a long time for a Blue Berry puppy!

For several weeks, Bodil and Einar and we have had worries, hard work - but first and foremost, so many joys of following Nanna's first litter - Kennel Blue Berry's R-litter - being born, grow up and become harmonious little creatures that now are mature enough to move away from home and face new challenges.
Sissi, female..
Wilbur, male.
Miley, female.
Rumle, male.
Leda, female.
Sidse, female.
Kennel Blue Berry's R-litter. FLeft to right: Sissi, Sidse, Leda, Miley, Wilbur and Rumle. Belov are the puppies 8 weeks old - in the order they were born.
We brought the four pupoies who should stay on Sjælland in the car and drove to our home in Herringløse
Watch them play in our garden and meeting their new families
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