For two weeks we have not had the opportunity to come to Tåsinge, where the R-litter lies. But this weekend, fortunately, we succeeded.
A great deal has happened in the two weeks. Actually, only on the three days we were over there, we could see signs of new development every day.
The puppies have so far lived in their puppy box in Bodil and Einar's office room. It's over now!
This weekend we moved the box in to the dining kitchen, where it is situated really well, and where we established a small puppy farm. This way the six puppies can sleep in the box, but also go out on the floor, where there are pet-beds, sheets and newspapers that they would like to pee on.
The puppies were excited about the move and the new opportunities. Mother Nanna took it all beautifully and found out that she had the best control of her puppies if she went into the puppy box and lay down when feeding. Then the little ones could come to her (with help from Bodil).
The puppies have opened their eyes a week ago - without being able to focus clearly yet. They all walk well around, and they make great contact with each other. The teeth are slowly on the way with the largest, so soon as there will be bites!
It is clear that the puppies have been very much in hands. They are incredibly confident and happy. They come quickly to you when you get into the puppy farm and sit down. It is Bodil and Einar's profit, because they make a huge effort to care for and socialize the little ones.
This weekend was also time for worming. It gave a short-term stomach. But the next day everything was back to normal again.
Birte cut the nails on the little ones so they didn't tear Nanna when they were drinking with her.
We also launched a new menu for the puppies. Soft puppy dry diet supplemented with puppy milk. Amazingly, quickly and easily the six of them found out what it was all about. And they slept with heavy stomachs the first night with new food! Nanna of course complements with her milk. It's still the puppy's favorite!
We also offered them water. They haven't got that drink before, and they also welcomed this new beverage!
Finally, it was time for the first visits of puppy buyers. Marianne has previously had Minos from us, and she came from Odense on Saturday to see the litter. Marianne shall have a bitch from the litter.
Sunday came Arne, Susanne, Sophie and Uffe from Allerød. They own the father of the litter, Luffe (from our N-litter). They shall have a male from the new litter.
And then we must not forget to tell that Einar and Jørgen had set up a fencing in the yard that directly adjacent to the puppies' enclosure indoors. Just open a door, and the puppies can come out in the open. It is perfect for cleanliness training.
Marianne from Odense has waited to get a puppy from us. She wants a bitch puppy.
Arne, Susanne, Uffe and Sophie from Allerød have the father to the litter, Luffe from our N-litter. They want a male puppy from the R-litter.
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