6 weeks old are the puppies. They are getting more and more courage in life. Trying each other out. Trying mother Nanna off. Trying their people off. Testing borders. They fight, they play, they run, they are exploring, they are biting, they are pulling and they are shaking toys. And they eat and drink.

Fortunately, the weather has been good, so they have spent a lot of time outside. So it has been easier for Bodil and Einar (who have the litter in their house) to teach them cleanliness training.
The puppies are surprisingly skilled. They sleep throughout the night and have only been urinating on the floor indoors. When the door is opened to the puppy farm, they all run out and care for their need.
Today, a special experience awaited: The door to the courtyard was closed and the puppies went inside the kitchen. Two of the puppies scratched the door because they wanted to go out. And then they ran straight out and sat down to care. After all, it is a fantastic mature act that we normally see in adult dogs.
Rarely in puppies.

This weekend we were at Tåsinge. And for the first time we had our Snowy (who is the grandmother of the litter) and Tiffany with.
As the puppies have not yet been vaccinated, we could not let them get together. But the little ones were allowed to meet the two foreign, adult dogs through the fence. That was exciting!
We took a video of the meeting. It went well. Nanna didn't take notice that her mother was suddenly visiting, but simply took care of her puppies. Snowy was quite ready to greet the puppies, while Tiffany was a little more careful and first had to have Snowy’s accept!
Promising behavior, to the day when we have to put our puppy together with our adult dogs.

On Friday, Marianne from Odense visited Bodil and Einar and greet her Leda.
And Saturday also went with visits. Kit and Sofie and grandmother Esther came from Næstved. They recently lost their lovely dog Sofus from our M-litter. The prospect of an everyday life without an OES was not to bear. So they came to look at the puppies.
They left and had then chosen between the two puppies left. The little bitch with black right eye marking becomes theirs.
Miley she shall be called.
Lone and Per from Farum have very recently lost Simba from our N-litter. Too early - and they still carry the grief. In the middle of it, it was encouraging to meet so much life!
Also for Lone and Per a life without an OES would mean a loss of quality of life. So, after careful consideration we agreed that Lone and Per get a puppy from the litter. It is one of the white-headed bitches, which in daily speech is called Snow White.

Thus, the pieces have fallen into place, and as breeders we are happy that the whole litter "stays in the family".
Bodil and Einar shall keep the male with left black ear, Rumle.

We shall have the one white-headed bitch, and we call her Sisse.

Susanne and Arne (who have father, Luffe, to the litter) shall have the male who has black left eye drawing. He's called Wilbur.

Marianne (who previously had Minos from us) shall have the bitch with the black left leg, she shall be called Leda.

Kit and Sofie shall have Miley.

Lone and Per shall have Snow White, which has not yet been named.

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