Four weeks old. Their senses have sharpened and they react most on sounds and smells – but also on visual impressions. They are strong on their feet and have starting running around.
To give them challenges we first removed the site of the puppy box. This way the pups could run from the well-known box to the room surrounding it.
Then we have completely removed the box; they didn't use it any longer. And they need more space to run around and paly with each other.
They also play with Snowy and have started to get interested in the toy that we have put in their room.
The other day we let them out into the kitchen, which is next to their room. They were very brave, and now we let them out there each time they should eat and play afterwards.
When they get tired, they are brought back to their own room. Then we can let our grown dogs come in and stay with us. Alonso and Maise have had a look at the puppies from a distance and they have had contact with them. But we won't let them be together yet.
Snowy needs to feel secure, before we do that.
They still drink Snowy's milk and are happy with that. But we also feed them with soaked puppy food mixed with milk.
The coming families have been to meet the puppies – and it's obvious that the puppies are pleased with being hugged. In a short while we shall let the puppies into the other room in our house, but right now they simply need to feel secure with what they got, before we take the next step.

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