The last week with the Q-gang has flown away.
They have been for several car-rides, been to new places for walks, said hello to new people – and Friday we had the litter mentally tested.
As a breeder it is essential to see how the individual puppy is able to handle different situations – and both test leader Helle Mulvad and we were really satisfied with the result.
After the test we had a longer conversation with Helle Mulvad about which puppy would fit to each family. And we could contact the families and tell them our decision.
The puppies are really developing their personalities and their attraction to the group. And we are certain that right now they are prepared to leave home and make a new home.
It will be sad for Snowy when the puppies have left. She really loves them and plays with them all day long. We shall have to take special care of her and give her some positive experiences in the days to come.
And for us it will be a big loss. On the other hand: After eight busy weeks it would be OK to be able to sleep a little longer than just to 5 a.m. where the puppies demand their first meal.
Now it is time for the new families to get up early, to be bitten, to be played with, to serve food – and of course: To enjoy the new ideas and the constant development of these three wonderful pieces of life.
The last puppy leaves the nest in nearly a week. We shall keep you updated about that for sure..
The first pictures below are from the mental test.
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Isolation - the puppy is left alone in a room for 5 minutes.
Contact - the test leader enters the room.
Playing/fighting - a cloth is beeing pulled.
Apporting - a tennis ball is thrown.
Arena - four things is placed in the room. Is the puppy curious?
Surprise - an umbrella is opened in front of the puppy.
New things - a huge ball is placed in the room.
Sound - a bunch of keys is thrown in a metal ball.
Contact/dominance - the puppy is placed on it's back.
The Q-litter eight weeks old - Nanna, Diego and Bilbo.
Diego - Blue Berry's Quarryman
Nanna - Blue Berry's Queen Nanna
Bilbo - Blue Berry's Quizzical Fellow
Snowy has indeed been a gerat mother to her puppies. She will miss them for sure - but we know they all are within reach.
Defending food - a dried fish is given and taken.