Two weeks have gone by. The puppies have tripled their weight, and they feel like having had enough.
Normally Snowy gives them milk every third hour. But now more time can pass. So we have stopped our puppy-watch in the puppy-room at night. We now sleep together as normal and have all our dogs around us in the bedroom. If the pups make sounds, we go into them together with Snowy.
The puppies indeed develop. They have started walking around – yet a bit unstable. Their eyes come nicely and have slowly grown from small sparks.
Now they react on light and on smells, so we can no longer slip into the room without them noticing.
Snowy now wants to feed them outside the puppy-box. She lies down next to the box and let us bring the pups to her.
We had to put an extra board on the puppy-box to prevent them from climbing the box to get to her and the milk bar.
In the coming week we shall move the puppies and their box in to another room, where they get more place to run around when they get older. We shall also begin to give them real dog food.
More about that next time!
The photos below are taken within the last five days. The newest ones at the bottom.
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