The Q-kids are six weeks old.
Their territory has been expanded from puppy-room, kitchen and yard to the entire garden. The first time they ran freely out in the new area. Now they are now longer affected by noise from cars and bikes passing by.
Snowy no longer feeds them, but she loves to play with them in the garden.
We have let Maise be together with the pups for shorter periods. The puppies are attached to this 'foreign' dog. Maise loves them and is a sweet nanny to them. Since Snowy still is a bit insecure with the situation, we don't do the nanny-visits too often.
The litter has had a stomach infection and we have given them a light diet with rice, pasta and boiled chicken together with Zoolac to stabilize. We have been worried, since it has taken a long time.
But fortunately the puppies are totally unaffected by the situation.
The house training hasn't had the best conditions, but we are slowly getting back to normal and now they are able to run to the garden to do their stuff.
Birte has been to Ikea to buy playing tools for children. Now the puppies enjoy them in the garden: playing house, tunnel, moving flags and a balance pillow.
They are on the grooming table every day, and they have been out for walks on our local road in collars and leads.
They have become tougher when they play together, and sometimes there are loud cries, when they bite each other in the ears, legs or noses. Their small teeth really have grown!
Many visitors come to see the litter and the puppies enjoy being caressed. They are comfortable with strangers and they also recognize the people who have been in our house several times.

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