A couple of days before expected, Snowy had decided to give birth.
She was not very large in her body, so we didn't expect many puppies.
5.15 p.m. Tuesday the 11th of March the first puppy was born. A wonderful, 400 grams bitch, who immediately started to drink.
Snowy had some more labour pains, but they sort of faded out. Was there only one puppy in her? Snowys expression told us, there were more to come. But the next puppy would not appear.
After some time we drove to the vet-clinic in charge.
Snowy and the puppy off with us in the car. The x-rays showed three more puppies inside. Even though she had lots of labour pains, no puppy came. So the vet prepared for a Caesarian.
First two boys came out. Over 300 grams and full of energy. Finally came the bitch-puppy that had caused the trouble – she was dead by birth.
We had a very competent and careful treatment at the vet-clinic, and so we drove home again.
Snowy was affected by the anesthesia and not very interested in the pups.
We placed her in the puppy box and the kids had their milk. Slowly during the night Snowy felt more comfortable and then her instincts really showed.
Wednesday Snowy spent in the puppy box with her litter – interrupted only by some walks, drinking and eating. She licks the puppies clean, caresses them and makes sure they are not hungry.
The first chapter of the Q-litter story has been written.
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The first puppy is born.
At the vet. Time for a refill, before the Caesarian.
Snowy waiting, while the puppy drinks.
The two boys are born.
Wednesday in the puppy box. Snowy feels much better.
The Q-litter - with the bitch in front.