Today it is one week since Snowy walked around, feeling restless.
5.15 p.m. the first Q-litter puppy was born. A nice and pretty bitch.
Two males joined her later that night and were born by caesarian.
The three of them have made it through the first week really well and have all doubled their weight of birth.
Snowy has been a bit restless during the last two days and has done a lot of digging in the garden – which in certain places is not so nice as it used to be!
But she is well, has normal temperature according to the circumstances and produces lots of milk for her triplets.
Nights have become calmer. Now there's peace in the puppy-room to get a couple of hours sleep between feeding-sessions.
The puppies are getting on their feet, and it won't be many days before the crawling phase is over. Pigmentation is coming fine on the noses that are sparkled like a "Pippi-horse".
Snowy has shown herself to be a lovable and considerate mother. And she has shown new sides of herself: watchful and authoritative.
She doesn't yet join the rest of the group on longer walks outside. If we try to take her longer than for a ten-minutes walk she simply stops and wants to go back to the kids!
That’s why we have taken Maise and Alonso to the beach and inlet every day, so that they shouldn't feel completely forgotten.
Here is a bunch of photos form the everyday life in the puppy box. Not so much happens – in a photographic manner – so be tolerant, if you find too many repetitions!
Finally there are some pictures of each puppy from both sides.
Male 1
Male 2
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