The first days after the caesarian were really a test for Snowy.
First she had to recover from the operation. Second she should learn how to become a mother.
What a job! We have slept next to her puppy box and given her all the help needed.
Little by little Snowy got her natural calmness back. Of course it has effected her milk production. Between the 3rd and 4th day it is back to normal.
She has also found out that she doesn't have to stay with the puppies 24-7. Now she is able to leave the puppy box and spend time with her pack.
Snowy's calmness has had an effect on the diagram of puppy weighs that we carry. This night the puppies took on as much as 70 grams each.
No puppy is wimping any more. They all are heavy and nice.
The puppies should be affected by the antibiotics that Snowy is having because of her operation. But apparently they have strong stomachs. Everything is at is should be.
One day Lis (she owns Snowy's mother Toddi) came by with a 'first-aid-packet' to our dogs and us. Goodies and toys for the dogs, red wine, cheese, chocolate and much more for us. We have really enjoyed that – the first night very picnic-wise next to the puppy box!
Thank you so much Lis – you are always so considerate.
Also thanks to all of you who have written or called us to congratulate with the litter. It warms a lot.
We spend all the time near the puppy-box in the beginning. The other day we enjoyed the nice cheese Lis brought us next to Snowy and the kids.
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