The last week lots have happened, and the puppies are developing enormously.
Last Saturday the door from the kitchen and out into the garden was opened – and all three went out, as the most obvious.
Now they come out every time they have slept, eaten and played. They are peeing when they come out – and they do so in the house as well. But they only do their duty outside. Isn't that great by just 5 weeks old puppies!
They get puppy food four times a day, a little puppy milk and a sip from Snowy.
Snowy got mastitis and had to be on antibiotics, and even though the puppies again drink her milk, it seems as if it's limited what they get.
They lack now nothing – weighing from 3.5 to 4 kg. It is ten times their birth weight.
At night, they are in both their room and the kitchen, as they are most of the day. But when they want to sleep, they are seeking the basket in their room. Right now they sleep from 10,30 pm to 6 o'clock the next morning – so we should not complain.
They get visits almost every day, and they seem happy and confident and love to be cuddled.
They are playing with each other and with Snowy, drag around on carpeting and run after balls.
Yes, and we enjoy them!

The photos below are as usual: Newest come last
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