Things go really fast now!
The puppies have been moved into the small room next to our kitchen. It's close to our bedroom, so we are able to hear when they are hungry during the night.
Snowy still prefers to feed the pups next to the puppy box, and most of the day the puppies run in the entire room.
They are more stable now and their curiosity is growing – now that they can both hear and see.
They are attached to each other and have started to bite each other.
A couple of days ago we tried to give them soaked puppy food. But only the bitch-puppy liked that.
Today we tried to give them tiny balls of minced calf's meat – they really liked that!
The families who should have the puppies have started to come and visit them – and so have family and friends. It's really great and is a fine way of socializing the pups. But there's no open house yet. They are only three weeks and need their sleep.
We have the litter registrated in the Danish Kennel Club and their names are:
Blue Berry´s Queen Nanna
Blue Berry´s Quarryman
Blue Berry´s Quizzical Fellow
They have also tried worms cure and they have had their nails cut. New things happen all the time.

The photos belove are taken in order: The newest at the buttom.
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